Over the past 8 years, William Powers and RTO Property have identified, purchased, renovated and sold/leased over 300 properties in the Chicagoland area.  We have provided consistent returns for our stakeholders and clients, while at the same time, we have limited their risk through extensive due diligence and market knowledge.  RTO Property has built a strong team of contractors, attorneys, accounting staff, property management staff, material suppliers, and real estate agents which enables us to deliver returns year after year.

RTO Property offers clients with the opportunity to invest in residential real estate as a passive investor while teaching them the “flip” process.  We have consistently delivered returns of 20% or more on funds invested 6 to 12 months, while providing the security of a lien on the assets during the investment period.  During this investment period, RTO Property educates the investor on the renovation process so they can learn how to invest in property on their own if they choose to do so.  Rather than paying for a “program”, clients can learn how to flip while actively investing.

Contact Bill Powers at bill@rtoproperty.com for more details.

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